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Dip Solder - Vertical Mount Contacts - Shielded Connectors (57 Series)

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57 _______________________

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Available Features

Connector Type
No. of Contacts
.103" Mounting holes & .100" tail
.103" Mounting holes & .135" tail
.103" Mounting holes & .156" tail
#4-40 insultive stand off & .156" tails
#4-40 metalic stand off & .156" tails
.185 Mounting holes & .156" tails
.185 Mounting holes & .135" tails
.185 Mounting holes & .100" tails
Float bushings with .103" holes & .100" tails

Product Description

Micro-Ribbon connectors offer a fast economical and distinctively different method of achieving electrical interconnection. The heart of the connector is the ribbon contact, selectively plated gold over nickel on a copper alloy base. With contacts designed to mate easily and positively, the 57 series Micro-Ribbon connector delivers electrically and mechanically sound interconnections time after time. Exceptionally versatile, 57 series Micro-Ribbon connectors are available in rack and panel, cable to cable and printed circuit types.

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