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Filter Connectors

Combination of filter elements in a connector forming one neat, compact interconnect device that can filter unwanted EMI.


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Filter Connectors
456 - Capacitively Decoupled BNC
Amphenol's 456 Series of RF connectors provides capacitive decoupling between the connector body and the mounting panel.
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EMI on the coaxial shield is shunted to the chassis ground through capacitors, while not affecting the DC and power supply frequencies. This reduces ground loop problems and provides a mechanism to harmlessly dissipate ESD to chassis ground. The RF parameters of these connectors are the same as their non-filtered counterparts. Filtering does not affect the signal contact, butonly the shell-to-ground connection. Capacitively decoupled RF connectors are intermateable and inter-changeable with standard non-filtered versions.
FCC17 Covered Combo - Filter D-Sub, Combo Connector with cover
Amphenol Canada's FCC17 Filtered Combo D-Sub Connectors are available with Power or Power & Signal contacts assembled in the same connector body.
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These connectors are supplied with fixed machine contacts and are available in Solder Cup, Straight PCB,Right Angle PCB and Press-Fit terminations.
FCC17 IDC - Filtered D-Sub, IDC Connectors
Amphenol Canada's FCC17 Filtered D-Sub family has been expanded to include a Filter IDC connector.
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Stress isolated and solderless filtering technology allows the Filter IDC connector to withstand the physical shock experienced in IDC applications. The IDC filter connector will contribute significantly in the reduction of assembly time and labour costs.
FCC17 Press Fit - Filter D-Sub, Press Fit Connectors
Amphenol Canada's FCC17 Filtered D-Sub family has been expanded to include the Press Fit termination.
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Stress isolated and solderless filtering technology enable absorption of forces, allowing these filter connectors to be pressed into boards in the same way as the non filtered equivalents.
FCC57 - Filter Micro Ribbon Connectors
Amphenol Canada's FCC57 Micro-Ribbon family has been expanded to include a new Low-Profile, Compliant Pin(Press-Fit) termination-style connector.
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The key benefit of this termination is the elimination of additional costs usually associated with soldering, and facilitating a lead-free process.
FX - Filter Terminal Blocks, Discrete Filters and Specials
Amphenol’s FX series of Discrete Feed-thru Filters offer excellent, low cost filter solutions for telecom, industrial, military and aerospace electronics applications, especially where small size and high performance are important.
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Manufactured to meet the requirements of Mil-F-15733, the FX filters are available in threaded bushing and solder-mount styles with capacitance ranges from 10pF to 600nF.

Due to Amphenol’s unique manufacturing process, higher capacitance values and greater voltage withstand capabilities are achieved with the same industry standard package sizes.