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Amphenol CoolPower® connectors are intended for medium and high current applications where cost and space are as critical as performance. The CoolPower® family is comprised of multiple product series with both standardized and application-specific designs. Amphenol offers a range of contact performance levels, termination styles and mechanical features.


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CoolPower Connectors
DWR - CoolPower Slim Drawer Connectors
Amphenol’s CoolPower DWR Slim Drawer Connectors are perfect for use in applications requiring a low profile, blind mate interconnect with mixed power and signal contacts, up to 60A contact.
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They also have versatile mounting and termination styles, used for drawer and module applications. Amphenol CoolPower Slim Drawer connectors are available with combinations of up to 8 power and 40 signal contacts in various standard configurations. The CoolBand socket contact provides up to 60A current handling with low T-Rise. With a low-profile 10.8mm dimension off the PCB, Slim Drawer connectors ensure optimal air flow and high performance in restricted height applications such as 1U drawer modules. The offset integrated guide pins provide self-alignment gatherability of up to 1.5mm in all directions, and ensure correct mating orientation is maintained. Slim Drawer connectors are available in vertical and right angle configurations, PCB mount or wire termination, with float mount capability, allowing many applications including board to board (mezzanine, card extender and right angle), panel to panel or board to panel, and wire to board or wire to panel. Additional optional features such as metal guide posts for enhanced gatherability, Make-First, Break-Last contacts for hot plug capability, choice of contact plating (gold, silver) and modular tooling for easy creation of new configurations, make this one of the most versatile mixed power and signal interconnects available for demanding, high reliability applications.
DWR_ - CoolPower DWR Mezzanine Connector
Amphenol’s 2 pin CoolPower® DWR Mezzanine Connectors provide 60A of power per contact between parallel mezzanine boards and multiple mated height options provide compatibility with the Amphenol InfinX® high speed connector series.
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DWR Mezzanine connectors feature integrated self-aligning blind-mate capability and several contact termination/mounting styles. Amphenol’s CoolPower® DWR Mezzanine Power connectors are compatible with the Amphenol InfinX® high speed signal connector family, with available mated heights from 19.5mm to 42mm. With the same integrated blind-mate features used in the Slim Drawer product family providing 1.5mm of gatherability in all directions, Amphenol’s Mezzanine Power connector can eliminate or reduce the need for additional guidance hardware. Multiple contact termination styles including PCB solder tails, press-fit and screw terminations to suit any manufacturing assembly method. Radsok® contacts support applications requiring up to 60A of current per pin and ensure that the Mezzanine Power series provides one of the highest current densities and smallest board footprints available. For high current interconnect between parallel circuit boards, choose Amphenol’s DWR Mezzanine power connectors with Radsok® contacts for highly reliable performance in demanding applications.
FCC22 -CoolPower Backplane/ Line Card Connectors
Amphenol's Backplane Power Connector solution is designed to package high power availability in a small form factor.
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This series is highly customizable to meet specific requirements, bringing power from the main source to the line cards, bypassing the backplane. FCC22 use standard power contact technology, with a current rating of 40A per contact.
LCC17 - CoolPower D-Sub Connectors
Amphenol CoolPower® D-sub connectors offer the familiar shape and functionality of a combination D-subminature connector with high current, high performance Amphenol CoolBand contact technology.
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The LCC17 series is intended for use in higher amperagepower supply and distribution applications where the current handling capabilities of typical combo D-sub connectors are insufficient.