Amphenol Commercial Products division (ACP) is a world leader in providing interconnect solutions into a wide range of markets and applications, covering traditional connectors through to the latest and next generation technical products.
With the broadest product lines and the most advanced technologies, Amphenol Medical Solutions offers designers the freedom to transform what's possible.
With our design creativity, simulation, testing capability, and cost effectiveness, Amphenol leads the way in interconnect development for internet equipment, infrastructure, enterprise networks, and appliances.

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How do I obtain a Catalog?

Why do I have to fill out a form to get a drawing?

Why do I have to answer all these questions just to get a drawing?

Where are the prices?

Why isn't the page being refreshed?

How do I get a printed screen shot?

Why do I not see anything when I select or hit some buttons/Links?

How to configure my iPad or iPhone to view the Amphenol Canada web site.

Obtaining a Catalog:

There are two ways to find and download pdf versions of our catalogs. The first place that you should look is at the Catalogs menu above. Clicking this menu, lists all the catalogs that we have available at this time. The second method is to find your product from the 'Products' menu, After selecting your product If a catalog is available, you will see a button titled 'View Catalog' on the right.

Requesting Pdf version of a Drawing:

We do not intentionally hold back PDF's - it is not in the best interest of our site visitor or us as a Company. Amphenol has literally millions of part numbers, countless are from pre CAD days consequently only hard copy drawings are available. In these cases we do our best to obtain some electronic format to send out when requested and for this we need to know some details. PDF's for new products are posted as soon as drawings are released. The button titled 'Request pdf' appears if there is no drawing available for you to download. This may be due to several reasons: 1. We have the drawing and are still in the process of making it available for download. 2. No drawing actually exist and one will have to be requested from the factory for you. 3. We need to direct your request to the appropriate Amphenol divison. Hint: If you know that you will be requesting several drawings, send only one email with a list of the items, rather than one email per drawing.

Viewing Prices:

Only Registered users who are Direct Customers of Amphenol Canada are able to view our pricing structure. Remember to log on if you wish to view prices. All other users who are browsing the website will need to contact the nearest regional sales office. To see the nearest Sales office location, click the Sales Location menu above.

Searching for a Drawing:

You don't need to provide answers to all the questions! If you know the part number, or the starting characters, just enter it in the Product Search and click 'Select'. We'll fill in the wildcards and return a list of parts that match what you are looking for. If you are unsure of what your needs are, use the drill down by clicking on a item from the 'Products' menu. This will take you to a list of 'Series' within the family. Then click a "Series" link and answer as many questions that you can provide answers to. You may choose to answer none, one or all questions. The choice is yours! you can click the 'Select' button to return a parts list.

The page is not being refreshed:

Occasionally, your web browser may not be able to connect to a site due to a myriad of reasons, sometimes nothing to do with the site you are addressing. Over and above this, it is common for the browsers to "cache" the web page and store them in "Temporary Internet Files", and also to store "cookies". If a site is not found or unavailable etc. when you tried to access it, you may get the same "cached" page everytime you attempt to access that site. This depends on the settings of your browser options which can be set to refresh upon every visit. In these cases the easiest thing to try is to force a "refresh" by holding down the "ctrl" key and pressing the "F5" key. If the page appears unchanged then there is likely to be a "current" problem.

Print screen shots:

If you want to do a print screen and some of the data is cutoff the right hand side, try one or more of the following: Select View from the Menu Bar and then for: Internet Explorer (Version 8 & Older) - Select Text Size and set to the Smallest. Netscape - Select Decrease Font Size Select File from the Menu Bar and then for: Internet Explorer (Version 8 & Older) - Select Page Setup and set the margins to the minimum, if you enter 0 it will set automatically to the minimum. Set Orientation to Landscape if still truncating. Select Print Preview and ensure that 'As laid out on screen' appears in the tool bar. Netscape - Select Page Setup and set the margins to the minimum. Select File & Print to change the orientation.

Allow pop-up:

Some features use pop-up windows, ensure your pop-up blocker is turned off for this site.

How to view the Amphenol Canada web site on your iPhone/iPad :

Amphenol Canada website is supported by both iPhone & iPad devices. Some features use pop-up windows so the popup-Blocker must be turned off on these device. To turned off the popup blocker on your iPhone/iPad follow the following steps.

Step 1: Tap the settings on the Home screen.

Step 3: In the Settings, tap the Safari option.

Step 4: Turn off the popup blocker using the Block Pop-ups switch option.

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